About the CCRA

The CCRA. operates the 443.775 repeater that is located on the near west side of Madison.

This repeater is open to all radio operators, and will host many useful user functions.

Some of the features include;

  • Autopatch access to local calls for club members.
  • Voice controller
  • Digital Voice Recorder for users to check their input signal into the repeater, as well as to provide real voice ID.

The CCRA is a non-political group of Ham Radio operators who are here to have fun both on and
off the air.

The group will have quarterly meetings in January, April, July, and October to discuss upcoming plans for repeater upgrades, events, and other interests as well as normal club business.

These meetings will basically help ensure the repeater continues to
operate properly and to keep everyone up to date with current Association events.

Any suggestions are welcome. Please
Send email
with your comments.

Thank you for stopping by our site, and we hope you will consider supporting the Capital City Repeater Association.

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