Repeater Information & Configuration

Madison Repeater configuration, (443.775)

The CCRA operates a Vertex/Standard VXR-7000 UHF 50 watt continuous duty repeater on 443.775 MHz.

The repeater is running an output of 40 watts into a Cellwave Super Station Antenna, model number, 1151-2N. .

Repeater antenna

This Cellwave antenna is a 15 foot omni directional stick with 10 DBI gain, being fed with Andrews LDF-400 1/2 inch hardline.

CAT-1000B controller configuration

We are using a CAT-1000B
voice controller which is capable of:

  • Voice IDs, (including both synthasized and real voice IDs).
  • Scheduler for fully automated control of all repeater functions.
  • DL-1000 Audio Delay board which eliminates the squelch at the end of a users transmission.
  • DR-1000 DVR recorder board, allows real voice messages, curtosy tones, and signal recording and play back of user audio to check signal into the repeater.
  • Long Tone Zero feature for emergency alert to repeater control operators.


The duplexer is a 6 cavity Sinclair Q3220E system capable of up to 350 watts. It has female N connectors for all three RF ports.

Long Tone Zero access

To access the long tone zero function of the repeater, key up your radio, and press and hold the “0” DTMF key for 1.5 seconds.

The repeater will respond with a paging tone that will alert an on duty control operator that assistance is needed.


The CCRA 443.775 is now RF linked to the 147.345 K9TSU repeater located in Monroe Wisconsin. This link is provided 24 hours a day to increase coverage and provide a reliable communication system.

Monroe repeater configuration, (147.345)

The 147.345 Monroe system is located on the roof top communications tower at the Green County Pleasant View Complex, just north of Monroe, Wisconsin.

The repeater consists of a Motorola MSR2000 putting out 100 watts with a set of 4 cavity Sinclair duplexers.

The controller consists of an Arcom RC210 with the optional audio delay board to eliminate the squelch crash.

Linking capability is done via RF 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via a Motorola Maxtrac 300 tied into the controller, outputting 35 watts into the Madison 443.775 repeater from the link antenna at about 65 feet.

Currently, the VHF repeater antenna system is a commercial dualband Cellwave antenna at about 80 feet. Because the repeater is on the top (third) floor of the building, we only needed a 75 foot run of Andrews one half inch heliax to reach both antennas.

The height above average terrain is about 343 feet at the site.

The coverage of both these combined systems is, Northern Dane county, through the northern most counties in Northern Illinois.

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