2015 Severe Storm sspotter Training schedule

The 2015 Severe weather season is approaching in a few months. Time to think about refreshing those spotter skills.

The Milwaukee Area Skywarn Association is again providing a list of training classes.

Click here for a list of classes around the area.

January CCRA Meeting

The first quarterly meeting of the CCRA will be held on Friday January 23rd at 5:45PM at Alt N’ Bachs in Madison.

Alt N’ Bachs is located at 2602 Whalen Lane in Madison. Talk in will be on 443.775 WI9HF repeater.

This meeting will be electing 2015 Officers, voting in new members, (so if you want to be voted in as a new member, please bring 2015 dues to the meeting).

We will be ordering food from the in-house menu, at your own expense.

Come join the CCRA on January 23, and become part of the newest HAM Radio club in Madison.

Welcome to the CCRA’s website

Thank you for visiting the new CCRA website. On this site, you will find repeater information, event information, details about upcoming meetings, and much more.

Become a member of the CCRA

The CCRA is accepting membership dues for 2014. Dues are:
$20.00 per year for individual membership and $30.00 per year for a family membership.

Membership benefits include:

  • voting rights at meetings
  • auto-patch access codes
  • 1 user auto dial slot
  • audio/signal test
  • keypad test
  • date and time access.

If there is content that we are missing on this site, or if you have questions about the club or the repeater or packet systems, pleas Contact President, Chad WI9HF .

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